Denver producer CORD unleashes an alien realm in his “Cold” EP: a three track post-apocalyptic vignette told in atmosphere soundscapes. The alternate reality opens to the solar wind emanations of the releases’ title track – a spacious and physical subfrequent terrain. The palpable, otherworldly composition continues in “Midnight”: a disorientating moment accentuated by ominous high-end resonance. The scene’s militant finale plays out through “Fallout”’s relentless bassline, to a decisive and subtly cinematic effect. CORD’s mastery of sonic space and textures shines through the self-release EP’s barren vibe. It is a visceral testament to the producer’s patient prowess, and to the metaphysical properties that the sound system beholds.

Released September 28, 2018

// Write up by Synchronicity (Amye Koziel)

// Produced and mixed by CORD (Cory Becenti)
// Mastering by DILLARD


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